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Building with wood – proven and innovative at the same time

Discover new dimensions in architecture and design in wood construction with our wood-based materials. They combine quality of life, sustainability and aesthetics at the same time. Thanks to flexible processing, they allow architectural creativity as well as ecological construction. Choosing wood as a building material means choosing a renewable resource and protecting our environment.

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We supply raw wood for your project

With our large network of suppliers, we can cover a wide range of wood species. And promptly deliver the desired wood. Maple, fir, beech are among our main raw materials.

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Saw logs

Saw logs softwood for the production of sawn, building and construction timber, in all qualities.

Industrial wood

Industrial wood NL + LB

Logs softwood and hardwood for creation for the production of wood-based materials, boards and cellulose fibers.

Wood construction in Switzerland

Timber construction has become increasingly important in Switzerland in recent years. Comfortable living environment and diverse construction methods have contributed to the popularity of wooden houses. Thanks to modern technology and excellent engineering, it is now possible to realize multi-storey projects with wood that were previously the preserve of concrete construction.

Living in a wooden house

Surveys confirm that the comfort in a wooden house is more pleasant and provides more comfort. Wood regulates the living climate. Thus, air humidity can be balanced by the hygroscopic building material wood. Excessive humidity is absorbed by the wood and released when the humidity is lower again. Thus, the air humidity balance in a wooden house is more balanced than in conventionally built houses.

The material wood has inherent insulating properties, thermal conductivity is small. Wood always feels warm. Materials such as metals or stone feel cold because the temperature of the hands is „transported away“. Therefore, staying in rooms made of wood is more pleasant than in rooms with other building materials. Wooden buildings hardly need any maintenance if they are planned accordingly. It is important to design the components according to their weather exposure. Directly weathered components have performed well in the past when they were either painted opaque or untreated. It is important that the components are not permanently damp and are well ventilated.

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